Famous baseball tournaments

Invented in 1839 by Abner Doubleday, Baseball has today become America’s loved pastime. It is also played in other parts of the world with tournaments held once in a while to determine the best baseball teams. The following are the famous baseball tournaments but you can also bet on them to win big prizes.

WBSC Premier 12

Organized by the WBS (World baseball Softball), WBSC premier 12 is a flagship international baseball tournament. The first tournament was held in 2012 in Taiwan, Japan and it features the top 12 national baseball teams in the world.

WBSC Premier 12 is held after every four years and incase Baseball is returned to the Olympics in 2020, it will be used as the qualifying tournament.

World baseball Classic (WBC)

This is an international tournament for baseball games sanctioned from 2006-2013 by IBAF (International Baseball Federation) and by the WBSC (World Baseball Softball Confederation) after 2013.

It is one of the main baseball tournament in the world granting the winner a title as the World baseball Champion’. It coexisted with Olympic baseball until 2008 and Baseball World cup until 2011 but baseball is no longer included in the Olympic program since 2008 after the International Olympic Committee voted it out in 2005.

World baseball Classic was introduced to provide a platform for the best baseball players in the world to compete against each other as well as promote the game. It is played after very four years.

Women’s Baseball World Cup

This is an international tournament involving women baseball national teams worldwide. Since its debut on 8th August, 2004, it is played after every two years and in the seven times it has been held, the United Stated has won twice with Japan winning the remaining five times

23U Baseball World Cup

This is a biennial level baseball championship for national teams in the world. The first tournament was help in Nov 2014 in Taichung, Taiwan. To participate in this tournament, nations are required to choose players of up 23 years for their teams. The players should also have valid passports of their nations in compliance with Olympic standards.

18U Baseball World Cup

This championships was first held in United States in 1981 and it involves players who are 18 years and under. Since it is a world baseball championship, the results affects the ranking on IBAF.

15U Baseball World Cup

This tournament features authorized teams by IBAF and the players must be under 15. Since it is also a world championship event, the result of the tournament affects ranking on IBAF.

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