6 effective baseball betting tips

Baseball betting is one of the easiest way to make money. People bet on baseball for different reasons. Some do it for fun while others are looking to make money. Whether you simply want to make watching baseball more interesting or you want to make money, you can become a savvy bettor by using the following baseball betting tips.

1. Avoid betting games in April and be wary of September

In April, the weather in most parks is bad and managers are still fixing their line ups. Therefore, you should spend the first few weeks of the season studying the teams rather than gambling on them. Baseball has a long season and you will have plenty of time to bet.

2. Bet the underdogs

The secret to winning is to bet the underdog. On doing this, you are risking less and you have higher chances of winning.

Even the best teams lose at least sixty games every year and the worst teams will win close to the same number and the rest lies in between. Keep in mind that the more favorites you bet, the more wins you will need to break even.

3. Pitchers

Bet on a team with well performing pitchers. Always bet on a team with a pitcher who won in the last outing as he will be ready mentally to pitch again. Also, consider the relief pitcher for the team. If he has been overworked in the last two games, you should avoid that team.

You should also consider the pitcher of the other team. If he is also good, only a single mistake will decide the game.

4. Compare the teams

The best way to win big on baseball betting is to compare the teams beyond the pitching. You should look at the weaknesses and the strengths of each team and if you bet on the defensive strength team, ensure they will be able to at least score something and that they have a strong starting pitcher.

5. Avoid rivalries

Some teams such as The Dodgers and Giants or Red Sox and Yankees have a natural rivalry. When such teams play, they give it their best making it almost impossible to predict the results. If you cannot avoid such teams, pay attention to the dog team in the matchups.

6. Discipline

This might be one of the most important betting tips yet the most neglected area by novice debtors. The secret to winning any type of gambling boils down to discipline. A common mistake in sports betting is betting too many games. Instead you should pay more attention to the trends and do not chase your losses.

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